Leanne Surfleet, 1987
based in UK,
analog / self-portrait photographer

1. Why photography?

It’s probably the only thing other than relationships that I’ve felt a passion for in my life.

2. Where do you do your work?

Usually in my home, in a spare bedroom that is empty, it kind of acts like my studio for now.

3. What is your favorite image right now? (not yours)

This has been one of my favourite photographs since I can remember by Francesca Woodman.

4. What is your favorite image right now? (yours)

A brand new polaroid is my favorite right now.

5. What is the worst photo you’ve ever taken?

Oh wow, I’ve taken plenty of really bad photographs, I usually scan them & then never look at them ever again. As I take a lot of self-portraits, they’re usually very awkward photos where I look strange or am just not in the photo at all!

6. Who is your favorite photographer?

Living: Nan Goldin. Dead: Francesca Woodman.

7. Who is your least favorite photographer?

There are a few photographers going round lately that are getting a lot of praise and recognition for actually really poor & lazy photography, but I’m not going to name names.

8. What is your most regretted missed photo opportunity?

I have regrettable missed photo opportunities all the time. I can’t really think of my most regretted one. If you get the shot it was meant to be, if not you just have to wait for another one (or search for it).

9. Please describe your work in 5 words.

Honest, quiet, personal, dream-like & nostalgic.

10. Please describe your work in 3 images.

11. What image do you feel represents yourself (either your own image or not)